The future is now with MDL

Defense & Security Area

Devices, equipment and systems for military use

Every piece of equipment or device for military or aerospace use is subjected to and must pass strict functional tests to guarantee operation even in prohibitive conditions. In this sense, MDL MEDITERRANEA ELETTRONICA has always operated in compliance with these regulations.
MEDEL, thanks to its industrial experience and high technical skills, in the field of advanced technologies, its internal staff and consultants related to it, proposes a new idea of ​​re-evaluating obsolescence in the naval military systems sector. with the “Technological Translation”.


Command and control systems, Radar, audio accessories for armored cars and wagons, precision optics, maintenance of laser pointing and telecommunication systems, transceivers, simulation systems, transmission systems, electronic systems, audio-video systems, antennas, repairs, water resistant GPRS systems and, on request, bulletproof systems.


Integrated Logistics Systems

For each sector MDL Mediterranea Elettronica System Integration guarantees Integrated Logistics Systems such as: documentation and after-sales services, packaging, special packaging, transport, management, warehouse, maintenance, shipments all over the world.