Optical Acoustic System Identification & Dissuasion

The non-lethal weapon, also known as incapacitating, is a special type of weapon designed to otherwise stop a person, group of people or vehicles.

Oasis & D, designed and built entirely in Peru, contains five main functions:

  • Acoustic weapon, with power higher than 150dB (the sound starts to become painful around 120 dB physically disabling, but even at lower levels it can cause discomfort. Above 130 dB it becomes unbearable).
  • A Laser Dazzler that uses intense direct radiation to temporarily incapacitate its target. target with a sudden glow. The objectives can be sensors or human vision.
  • High resolution video camera with a range greater than 1km
  • High intensity directional reflector
  • Pre-recorded library of warning messages, with acoustic means.

Oasis & D is available in 4 versions:


It includes the five functions:
Particularly suitable for the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling, designed to be installed on sea or river boats.


Includes: acoustic weapon, reflector and warning library.
Particularly suitable for Civil Protection, Police or Military vehicles.


To be installed in sequence on a light pole, it includes: Control unit, acoustic system, with alarm library, particularly useful for warning citizens in advance of possible earthquakes, tsunamis or other emergencies.


To be installed, the Drone includes: sound system, video camera, particularly useful for reaching inaccessible areas due to disasters by detecting isolated people and as a means of communication