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Medical Area

Medical equipment and systems for civil and military applications

Development, construction and supply of entire compounds for civil and military use with the "turnkey" formula. MDL takes care of choosing, integrating and interfacing all the equipment and / or systems that make up a hospital structure. Furthermore, the staff employed in the medical department determines the energy absorption of the entire healthcare facility by providing assistance and products (electrical panels, uninterruptible power supplies, isolation transformers, etc.), up to Sale / Energy Shelter calibrated to real needs. power and safety.


The Medical area of ​​the MDL is divided into 2 sub-areas: Industrial and System Integration. In the first it designs and manufactures medical equipment and components while in the second it integrates materials and products for the construction of Civil Hospitals, Military Field Hospitals and health facilities for the Civil Protection.

To date, MDL Mediterranea Elettronica Industrial & amp; System Integration has created, in collaboration with other national companies, ROLE 1 and ROLE 2 Field Hospitals, according to std. BORN. The fundamental structure on which the healthcare support rests, in operational activities, requires a ROLE 2 type whose configuration is conceived according to the modularity criteria of the healthcare areas, to be commensurate according to the needs which must be met from time to time and described below.

These structures, made up of interconnected Shelters and Tents, include functional areas of Triage, First Aid, X-ray Laboratory, Ultrasound Laboratory, Preparatory Surgery Room, Operating Room, Hospital Room, Pharmacy and related warehouse, Analysis Laboratory, Sterilization Area and Management / Management Area. With a view to modularity, intensive care, biocontainment, gynecology, paediatrics, dentistry, mortuary and medical waste shredding / disposal modules can be added.



Thanks to its Industrial Structure, MDL MEDITERRANEA ELETTRONICA is able to integrate medical equipment for the market and on behalf of important international customers into its production lines, specializing in diagnostic radiological imaging equipment (radiological table, C arc, portable ward, mammograph, etc ...)


Auxiliary Services

For each equipment and system manufactured or supplied, MDL MEDITERRANEA ELETTRONICA guarantees factory / on-site tests and accurate technical documentation, training services for user personnel and maintenance and after-sales assistance services. sale.