All in One Radar

An example of Technological Translation is the "All in one" Radar; a classic "Monopulse" model antenna has been completely modernized in its mechanical and handling parts. With the addition of a base in Stealt technology containing both the receiver and the transmitter (previously located on board the ship) you have a complete radar in a single unit, technologically advanced and with superior characteristics and performance compared to the previous version.
Through the Technological Translation, which applies upgrading and revamping, it allows us to obtain a new system with an operational life of another 15/20 years.

The high functional versatility allows to have:

  • Multiple tracking on target and bullet
  • Dynamic Scartometry
  • Multiple Tracking of Goals
  • Tracking on missile skimmer
  • Tracking on Jamming
  • Anti-nod function
  • Automatic acquisition
  • Small, medium and long range
  • LPI
  • Recognition and presentation of disturbed frequencies
  • High performance in ECM
  • Global Test (simulated mobile target to be injected into the antenna with adjustable speed and acceleration)