Specific railway sector

The MEDEL QdT (Section Panel) is made, in compliance with the RFI LF610C and LF612B technical specifications, completely in AISI 304 steel with 3b segregation shape and IP65 external protection. < br /> The entire mechanics are designed to withstand the stresses created by high-speed trains, 10800 pressure / depression cycles at 5kPa are required to pass the type tests described in the specification.
Powered by a three-phase line without neutral, in the in / out shunt, it guarantees, even in the absence of a line, sufficient autonomy for the functioning of the emergency services in the tunnel; this is thanks to two specially dedicated supercapacitor UPSs.
A PLC, with a special supervision system, manages the network controls and protections. In addition, through a dedicated communication interface, each QoT communicates with a Front End panel that monitors the entire tunnel and, in conveyed waves, communicates with the emergency lighting system.

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The MEDEL QoP (Square Panel), designed to provide the power supply for the 1000Vac backbone inside the railway tunnels of the Italian Railway Network S.p.a., is built according to the technical specifications RFI LF610C and LF613B. In particular, through a PLC and a dedicated communication interface, it is placed at the service of the protection functions, selection of the faulty trunk, automatic reconfiguration of the 1000Vac power supply and lighting management. It too, like the QdT, is made entirely of AISI 304 steel with an IP31 degree of protection to prevent the penetration of foreign bodies.
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The square of the square for tunnels between 500 and 1000m MEDEL, created for the improvement of safety inside the railway tunnels, of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.a., both in operation and in phase of construction or at the design stage, including those of the new HS / HC lines. In particular, the Piazzale switchboard is an integral part of the power supply system of the tunnel emergency lighting system. The QoP is manufactured according to the latest RFI LF611B and LF617B technical specifications. It too, like the MEDEL QdT, is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with an IP65 degree of protection to prevent the penetration of water and foreign bodies.